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100ml Brightening & Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub Gel

100ml Brightening & Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub Gel

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Product details

For Young And Healthy Looking Skin
Product Details:Reduces Discoloration And Dark Spots
Gives An Instant Glow And Fair Skin
Removes Dead Skin
Avoid Sensitive Areas
Weight: 100ml
Package Includes: 1 x Gel

Introducing our 100ml Brightening & Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub Gel, the perfect addition to your skincare routine. This gentle yet effective scrub is designed to reveal brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.

🌟 The powerful exfoliating properties of this scrub help to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote cell turnover, resulting in a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.

🌟 Infused with brightening ingredients, such as Vitamin C and botanical extracts, this scrub targets uneven skin tone, sun damage, and discoloration. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a radiant glow!

🌟 Suitable for both the face and body, this versatile scrub gel provides a deep cleanse and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. It helps to improve the texture of the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and supple.

🌟 Formulated with gentle ingredients, this scrub is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, this scrub is gentle enough to be used regularly without causing irritation.

🌟 With its compact and travel-friendly size, this 100ml scrub gel is perfect for on-the-go use, allowing you to maintain your skincare routine wherever you may be.

Disclaimer: Products available for purchase are not intended to diagnose, treat, reduce, prevent, or cure any disease or health condition. If you are not sure of the possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before use.

Product Code: MZ53900007BTBZR

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